Dear (CRA) Sailing Friends

it is odd to not be posting photos of your current events

It has and always will be, My desire to share with you my Photos Capturing
The Happiness, Excitement and Just plain Beauty of being out on the Water
As that may have been overlooked, while you were concentrating on Racing

 From  the input I have received from you in person and the email from viewers around the world
 the Photos were "Truly Enjoyed by many" And shall remain on line to be Enjoyed even more.

If you are wondering why your regular events will no longer be photographed It's just part of the Evolution of CRA.
 Those who speak and make decisions for you, are only trying to do their best to make improvements for you

Like updating that Old CRA Burgee

That Old Burgee took a beating as I flew it while I was in Auckland for the 2000 Americas Cup

And as DC Challenged for the 2000 Americas Cup He flew that Old Burgee too !

In the Old Days, The fact that CRA with Dennis Conner had Challenged for the Americas Cup was "Cool"
Very Few Yacht Clubs in the US have Challenged for the Americas Cup and some never got over it ( Like NYYC )
I still Love the Americas Cup with all its Tradition and Grandeur

But that is Old News, This is Today and You (CRA) must move on !

To better serve you a "New Improved" Graphic was created symbolizing the direction CRA is heading in ( I guess ? )
(sorry I don't have an image) It is much more mature !

We should not feel bad for the changes as CRA moves forward
No one  can take away all the "Fun Times"  We had and you can still relive the moments in my Photo Gallery

Some of the other changes that are sure to make CRA stronger as it matures
  Cutting out ( triditional ) "Trophy's" for third place ( now you get some stuff  )
and Charging non-members $20 to enter a race are good too !

It can only help.
They are just doing exactly what they think you want
( to the best of their knowalage ).
If you have any suggestions on the direction you feel CRA should take
Speak up, Get Involved, Encourage Others to Give Input
"They"  Have to Speak for You!
 It's up to You to let them know what "You Think"

Well we are all just a part of the World of Sailing  and shall continue doing what we do Best

I will still be out Photographing Larger Events around San Diego and So. Cal.

You are all welcome to come out and get in the Photos I'm taking
Or just keep checking back to the Photo Gallery
And Enjoy the Photos of the Other Racers taking part in the Events I do Cover

Like the two races , I shot while you were racing with CRA
Please Enjoy those Photos Below:

San Diego Yacht Club
2006 Etchells Midwinters

Ancient Mariners Sailing Society
20 Guinea Cup # 2

 I would like to Thank "You" the Racers  for "ALL" the Good Times we Shared !!!!!


THANK YOU -  Steve Rock and Fiddlers Green !!!!!!
For your Personal Contributions to make "Everything Possible"  ( For Everyone )

DA-WOODY.COM <--Home /email -->  Dennis St.Onge

See you all at the NOOD and Newport to Ensenada !