The  World has lost the Greatest "MAN"
I have ever known

May  07  1940   -   JULY  24  2005

Robert Gongora known to all as "Bobby G."
 lived life to its fullest taking Great pride in being an AMERICAN
Served in the Army and spent his life pursuing his passions
 of Family, Hard Work, Golf and Hunting
Bobby had a strong bond with his Family, from his Parents + Wife to his Grand Children
I never met anyone who had more Loyal Friends than Bobby G.

Knowing Bobby changed my life for the better, as was the case with everyone that knew him.
Bobby was a true leader, He always pushed everyone hard to be there best and did the same for himself, He never asked anyone to do anything he couldn't or wouldn't do himself!

  To work for Bobby was a true test of will (Really) at 7am he became an Animal who would work you like a Slave, never letting up for a moment and out-working everyone in the process.
(we had many other names for him at work)
By the time 3:30pm came around you would be sick of seeing  and hearing him,
 grateful that you had survived the ordeal and couldn't wait to get away.

Then from out of nowhere this guy that looked like the boss
would walk up and offer you a "Cold Beer" and a smile,
 like it was the first time he had seen you all day !

 was his creed

To catch Bobby at rest was like seeing a Humming Bird asleep "Rare if Ever"
He never wasted a minute, His calling was to build with Lumber,
He often said he would work till the day he died
He worked everyday and then he would go help others after work
To Bobby if you weren't working you were "Burning Daylight" a Sin to him !

For nearly 30 years Bobby put together a Hunting trip every September  called
" Seven Fools Trail " packing out of Kennedy Meadow's in the High Sierras
The Carson Iceberg Wilderness Area was his playground !
The few times I went along I could hardly breathe
and was content to lug around a VHS Camera just shooting the spectacular scenery
 Bobby on the other hand would leave camp late at night hikeing for miles over peaks then down into his favorite valley, Often shooting a Large Buck that he would drag back to camp usually by himself, as it is hard to get the attention of others "resting" back at camp

A good year for Bobby included at least 2 or 3 hunting trips with his Brother(s) and friends traveling to Colorado as well as some "short trips" close to home

Bobby allways said  "You Never Know"  as if he knew.
He "LOVED" Golf, had to be the first group out "Year Round"
 Shot a "Hole in One" and often was "The Whipper"
 having beaten the Regular Crowd "Again".

On JULY 24 2005 Bobby G. went to the Golf Course
with his Friends as usual, but instead of starting with the others
He was given a Tee Time in HEAVEN
I'll bet he shot an 18

If I ever felt shorted by Bobby G. It was only that I didn't meet him sooner !!

I won't pretend to be qualified or worthy to write a Life Story of such a Great Person !
His advice on Life came from Experience as well as from his Heart
Bobby G. was and will allways be "Bigger than Life"
I still can not grasp the fact that He will never drive up in his truck again
That he has taken off his pouches for the last time
That I have had my last beer with him
That we are now left to make it on our own

This is TOUGH !!!!!